#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Get the source code

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0:00 We've made all the code we've written over our 100 days worth of topics available to you in GitHub right here.
0:08 gitHub.com/talkPython/100daysofcode-with-Python-course. You can go over here and check it out.
0:15 This is also super important because some of the projects that you work on have either data that you've got to
0:21 start with, or they've got some instructions and all of that you'll find here. Let's jump over to GitHub and have a look.
0:28 Here we are at the GitHub repository. You have a little bit of a description here at the beginning. But the main thing you care about is the days.
0:35 You can come in here and see the day one to three. This is the stuff with JavaScript. Here's day 13 to 15. This is our text-based games.
0:45 Down over here is a Search API. Let's just check this one out and see what's in here. Here's demo that we built, and if you need the code for it
0:52 you can see actually here's what we've written and so on. These three pieces work together. But what's most important is this ReadMe.
1:01 It's automatically displayed by GitHub when you come here. You can see it talks about now that you've seen the videos what do you do?
1:09 Here it talks about, okay, so you watch this. And the first thing on the day 43, that's the first day of these three, this is what we're going to do.
1:17 On day two, it talks about working with API. It shows you how to use it with this thing called Postman.
1:22 And then finally, it also shows you how to build your app, and then finally it says, okay, on the last day, we're going to make it even better.
1:29 For the very grand finale, we're going to open it in a web browser if somebody picks something inside your application.
1:35 You can see that as you go through you want to make sure that you go to each day, look at the instructions.
1:40 They're going to be there to help you follow along, both the code demo we wrote as well as the steps and data that we put together for you.
1:49 Of course, to download this, you'll want to download it. I would also say star and fork it if you have a GitHub account.
1:55 You could either come here and copy this and Git clone it if you're familiar, or if you don't want to mess with Git
2:00 you can just download the Zip file and it will be a folder you can unzip somewhere to work with. But definitely download this.
2:05 You're going to want it locally. You're going to want to save it. You're going to use it throughout this course.

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