#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Need a Python primer?

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0:00 Do you need a little help with the Python language?
0:02 Of course, we'll cover much of the little details
0:05 and definitely the advanced features
0:07 as we go through this course,
0:08 but we don't start from the absolute beginning.
0:10 What is a variable?
0:11 What is a loop?
0:12 Instead, we've included a Python language primer.
0:15 So when you look at Python,
0:16 if it's, you know, a little fuzzy,
0:17 maybe you've done it a long time ago, but you've forgotten.
0:20 You haven't done very much of it.
0:21 Well, we put something in here to help clear it up.
0:24 So anytime you're confused about something in the language,
0:28 just jump down to the appendix, Python Language Concepts.
0:32 Find that thing, watch the one to two-minute video.
0:35 Hopefully, that'll clear things right up.
0:37 You'll find this at the end of the course.