#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructors

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0:00 Hi, I'm Bob Belderbos, and I've been programming since ten years. And for the last six years, I've been using Python,
0:08 which is now the language of my choice. I'm very excited to teach you Python in this course. We're going to cover a lot of angles,
0:15 so be prepared to learn a lot of Python. These days I'm a web developer, software engineer at Oracle, and since end of 2016 co-founder of PyBites,
0:26 together with Julian, where we blog about Python and do code challenges which we lately have transformed in a code challenge platform.
0:35 We are super passionate about getting people to code, have a very hands-on approach and really want people to get to the next level of Python.
0:44 And that's why we're so passionate about the #100DaysOfCode and this course because we get you to write a lot of Python.
0:51 I'm honored to teach you Python and look forward to our journey. Hi everyone, I'm Julian Sequeira, and welcome to the course.
0:58 I've been coding with Python for roughly two years now. I currently work at AWS, but surprisingly not with Python.
1:06 Python is something I've taken up on the side, and something I'm super passionate about and absolutely love doing in my spare time.
1:13 I'm co-founder of PyBites, along with Bob. And everything I do with Python is purely out of love for the programming language.
1:21 And I'm totally looking forward to teaching you everything I've learnt over the past couple of years throughout the course. Hey, welcome to our course.
1:29 I'm Michael Kennedy, nice to meet you. A little background on me, I'm primarily a web developer as well as the founder
1:34 of the Talk Python To Me podcast and Talk Python Training. I've been a professional developer for 20 years,
1:40 and I'm really excited to share that experience with you throughout this course. Welcome to the #100DaysOfCode and Python.

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