#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Course flow

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0:00 Let's take just a moment and talk about
0:01 how you're going to experience this course.
0:04 Yes, it is #100DaysOfCode,
0:06 but it's not 100 different topics.
0:09 What we've done is we've broken
0:11 the course into three day segments.
0:13 So day one, two, and three,
0:15 days four, five, and six, and so on.
0:17 So, for example, on day 10, we're going to
0:20 introduce a new topic, teach you how to work with it,
0:24 the ideas behind it, do some live code demos,
0:27 and then after that, you'll get a chance to write
0:29 just a little bit of code, 'cause you're going to
0:31 spend a long time actually watching the videos.
0:34 These vary, they would be between 15 minutes,
0:36 maybe to 20, 25 minutes on average.
0:39 There's a few that are really involved
0:40 that go out longer than that.
0:41 But basically, the first day of any three day segment
0:45 on a single topic is going to be mostly learning
0:48 about that subject, writing a little code.
0:51 The next day is almost entirely writing code.
0:54 We'll have a video for you, it may be just two minutes long,
0:57 and we're also going to have in our GitHub repository
0:59 instructions with hints and tips, and things for you to do.
1:03 So you'll be able to follow along there.
1:05 Then the last day is really about finalizing your code,
1:08 maybe putting the polishing touches on the code
1:10 that you wrote on day one and day two.
1:12 Again, we'll probably have some instructions to guide you,
1:15 but if you want to deviate, that's fine.
1:17 This is your #100DaysOfCode.
1:19 We're just here to support you along the way.
1:21 So you can think of this course as 33
1:24 three day journeys through it.
1:27 And each one of those journeys will go through a particular
1:29 topic: SQLAlchemy, Flask, Collections, whatever.