#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why Python for #100DaysOfCode

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0:00 You've chosen Python for your #100DaysOfCode.
0:03 Maybe you're a Python developer who has lots of experience.
0:06 You just want to go through this
0:07 whole challenge, and that's great.
0:09 You probably already know the power
0:11 and popularity of Python.
0:13 But if you're just getting into programming,
0:15 and you're coming here and saying,
0:16 "Well, let's try Python for this 100 days.
0:18 That seems like a great way."
0:20 I want to tell you, you have chosen wisely.
0:23 So check out this graphic.
0:27 This comes from one of the best sources on the internet
0:29 for popularity in adoption of technology, Stack Overflow.
0:34 And the data scientists at Stack Overflow
0:36 did some predictions and said, "Well, how are
0:39 the various languages doing over time?
0:42 Are they becoming more popular, less popular?"
0:45 Based on their view into the industry.
0:47 And they did this up to mid-2017, and then you can see
0:51 the gray part where they're projecting out.
0:54 One of these languages is unlike the others.
0:57 It is just going up, and up, and increasingly up.
1:01 Your other best bet is JavaScript, which is
1:04 barely logarithmically going up.
1:07 Java looks like it's topping off.
1:09 The rest of them are going down.
1:10 So if you're going to focus on something,
1:12 pick one particular language.
1:14 Pick the one that's got all the momentum
1:15 and the popularity behind it, and that's Python.
1:18 Now, you might say, "Okay, Michael,
1:20 this actually is against all these
1:22 older languages, C#, Java, and so on.
1:25 What about the new languages like Go and Rust?
1:28 They're probably even more amazing
1:31 and more powerful, and growing quicker."
1:33 Well, let's see.
1:36 Yeah, they're growing up, they're going upward,
1:38 not downward, that's really great.
1:40 Swift is going up, TypeScript's going up, Go is going up,
1:43 but they are nowhere near Python in this graph.
1:48 I just want to leave you with these two pictures
1:49 in your mind that Python is really a great place
1:52 to put your energy and be learning.
1:54 My rough rule of thumb here is I would like to
1:57 bet my career on things that are going up, not down.
2:02 So which one of these do you want to pick?
2:04 Well, you're in a good place.