#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: The rules of #100DaysOfCode

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0:00 There are a lot of things that people do
0:01 to support each other and encourage themselves
0:04 to stay focused and keep going on #100DaysOfCode.
0:07 But there's really just two main rules
0:09 and they're really really simple.
0:11 The first rule is to code a minimum of an hour
0:15 every day for the next 100 days.
0:17 And I would say taking a coding class
0:20 like learning the lessons in this course
0:22 and then coding a little bit counts, right?
0:24 You're immersing yourself in code
0:25 for at least an hour a day every single day
0:28 for the 100 days.
0:29 And if you got sick, like you saw the person before
0:31 had gotten sick, had to take a day off,
0:33 that's okay you just add some days on the end.
0:35 Have sick days and just move it to the end.
0:38 The second rule is a public commitment
0:40 to making progress and keeping with it.
0:43 And they way that works is to tweet
0:45 or to put onto somewhere like Facebook
0:47 #100DaysOfCode with an update every day.
0:51 The PyBytes platform actually is going
0:53 to help you a lot with this, but however you want to do it
0:55 it's code an hour a day and
0:57 share your progress every day.
1:00 Super simple rules, and we hope this course
1:02 really makes this work for you.