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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Welcome to the course

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0:00 Hello, and welcome to 100 Days of Code in Python, written by Bob Belderbos, Julian Sequeira, and myself, Michael Kennedy.
0:12 Maybe you're wondering what is this #100DaysOfCode. You've probably seen it all over social media. In fact, it's really, really taken off
0:20 and people are finding this concept of 100 days of code really powerful for getting them to focus over a long time to actually get over the hump,
0:29 and become capable developers, or maybe learn a new language, like, say, Python. Here's an example of what you might see on Twitter.
0:36 Rene Sanchez says, "Day 11. #100DaysOfCode progress. Today I worked some more on bite 18. Find the most common word from codechalleng.es/bites."
0:47 This code challenge platform they're referring to is actually from your co-authors, Bob and Julian. We'll talk more about that later.
0:53 Here's another Tweet: "Day Five of 100. Did some short exercises about modules. Imported modules, did a couple of my own.
1:00 Tomorrow IO. #100DaysOfCode #Python." Way to go, Bricks. Here we have "Round one, day 101. Had to do an extra day due to
1:10 one day off sick earlier in #100DaysOfCode. Today more Python debugging, tomorrow starts round two." And Jeff says, "Round one, day 19. #100DaysOfCode.
1:21 Did three exercises in the book. Basically my average, been taking it slow these last few days. #CodeNewbiePythonIndieDevIndieGameDev"
1:31 And finally, let's look at one more. Amit Kumar says, "#Day32. Another autowebcompat PR pull request, just got merged.
1:40 Way to go, Python Tkinter, #100DaysOfCode." So he added some new feature or bug fix to auto Web Compat, very, very cool.
1:48 So you've seen this stuff probably all over social media, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. What's it about?
1:54 Well, this is actually a very structured project put together by this guy, Alexander Calloway. So Alexander, he was studying in business school
2:03 but also wanted to learn programming. And he was having a hard time making progress. So he came up with this idea of #100DaysOfCode.
2:13 Here's a quote from him: "The idea of #100DaysOfCode originally came from my personal frustration with my inability
2:19 to consistently learn to code after work. I'd find other less involved activities to spend my time on, like binge watching a TV series.
2:27 One of those days, I was sitting in a restaurant with my wife, and sharing my frustrations with her.
2:31 I suggested maybe I should make the public commitment to learning for at least an hour every day. I thought it would go for three months,
2:37 but it turned out 100 days was the right one." How about that? Well, thank you for creating this project, Alexander.
2:43 This is really a great thing for many people getting started, and this is what this course is all about. We're going to give you lessons and exercises
2:52 for every one of these 100 days.

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