Talk Python Individual Cohort Application

[UPDATE: June 1st. Due to very high demand, we have closed applications for this cohort early. If this project is successful, we will run more groups soon. If you have already applied, we'll keep you on the list. If you want to get notified of the next round of applications, please enter your email here to get the announcement: get notified]

We are experimenting with creating more support for students learning Python. We invite you to apply to join a student cohort. In the program, you will go through a course with fellow students at the same pace and you will be given access through private slack channels, and other means, to interact with your cohort. There you can ask questions, give feedback, and stay motivated to finish the Python journey.

At the moment, we are exploring two cohorts:

There is NO charge for this program (at least while it's experimental and it is for you). However, you will have to own the course content to attend. The courses are $49 each and you would only need one.

Please apply only if you are serious about sticking with this program. We don't want to have folks take up one of the few slots and then drop out right away. After filling out the form, you will hear back from us within a week or so.

How will it work?

If accepted, you will go through the selected course, focusing on one chapter at a time, with your fellow students in your cohort. This will include

Apply now

Just visit our application form to apply and get on the list!

Applications currently closed