Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: How to remember all these features

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0:00 Do you remember how you felt when you looked at the screen at the beginning of this course
0:03 It probably felt overwhelming. Maybe it doesn't feel that way so much anymore.
0:08 You probably go, yeah, there's the project and I'll look that to do things
0:10 That was cool. And here's the database stuff and so on.
0:13 But there are still a lot of features that I'm sure I'm going to take some
0:17 practice and some reinforcement to make part of your daily work.
0:22 Recall, I give you a plan on how to do that.
0:24 Here is a good time to put that plan into action. Starts with discovery.
0:29 Congratulations. You made it to the end of the course.
0:31 We've covered so many things and you have definitely discovered them along the way.
0:35 So check that one off next is to recall it and the third is to practice
0:40 it. But I give you three ideas on what you might do here.
0:44 One is go and get the cheat sheet.
0:46 Remember it's linked right on the homepage.
0:49 Read me of the GitHub repository.
0:51 They'll get that and keep it handy.
0:52 That'll help you know, some of the things you can do and maybe emphasize which
0:57 ones you want to work on install presentation assistant that will show you as you interact
1:02 with different parts of the app that oh look,
1:04 here's the hockey or here's an easier way to use that feature and finally sticky notes
1:09 or a note pad full of notes or even some kind of to do list,
1:13 write down the things that you're like,
1:15 this is really important. I haven't been using this.
1:17 But if I did, it would make a huge difference for me,
1:19 write those down, make sure you're focusing on one of them for a day or
1:24 for a week, something like that.
1:26 Once you get that feature and that blow really down,
1:29 you know, check it off,
1:30 throw away the sticky note, pull up the next one to go,
1:33 All right, I'm gonna try to make a concerted effort of using this feature this
1:36 week or this day, whatever timeframe you're working on those three things,
1:41 I think you'll be able to make these ideas from this course,
1:43 stick and get even more value out of it.