Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: Favorites window

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0:00 We've seen a bunch of ways to navigate around,
0:02 I go into definition, doing the search anywhere,
0:05 all those kinds of things. But let me show you another way to find areas
0:09 you may have marked as interesting.
0:11 So let's go down here and say I'm interested in things to do with downloading stuff
0:16 So maybe this service file that we're going to download some things here.
0:21 I can go over here, click on add to favorites.
0:24 And let's just say call this network.
0:27 Okay, so where else might be calling?
0:30 Get requests, requests, not good.
0:35 This is one over here in the performance.
0:37 So maybe this one we also want to add to our network.
0:42 Look again, this one also relevant.
0:48 Okay, so we've added three things to our favorites.
0:50 Where does that go down here?
0:53 So this favorites window actually brings together a handful of things that you might have already
0:58 done, suppose. And here you've already got like a break point here and a
1:02 breakpoint there and then a break point.
1:05 Of course you can find those while you're debugging.
1:07 But what if you just want to say oh yeah,
1:10 I wanted to see that part where I had a break point.
1:12 Well down here we've got things like the favorites,
1:14 we just added. These are the files were interested in.
1:17 These are the breakpoints we had we can also create what are called bookmarks.
1:21 Let's go back here. There.
1:24 We are kind of like a break point,
1:26 we want to have a place right here to remember but it has really nothing to
1:30 do with the debugging. So we can kind of an right click and add
1:33 a bookmark at a bookmark down here.
1:40 A pneumonic bookmark. Yes, but we can get back to,
1:45 Yeah. All right. If we expand this out,
1:48 you can see we've got a little Pneumonic bookmark and these we can jump around.
1:52 So this is sort of a catch all for either files or locations and files that
1:58 I want to remember to get back to you.
1:59 Maybe I've got a new project.
2:01 I'm working on a feature and I'm like,
2:02 there's a ton of files here,
2:03 but these are the three locations.
2:05 I really need to just jump to using the whole thing up there.
2:09 You might use one of these sections down here at the bottom.