Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: A preconfigured terminal

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0:00 When you're doing programming, you absolutely have to work on the command line or the
0:04 terminal. So let's suppose I want to do something with the course.
0:07 So I've got to come over here and go to my desktop and go into the
0:10 course and because I'm running a super cool shell.
0:14 'Oh-My-Zshell', which I definitely recommend that you check this out.
0:17 If you're on a project system,
0:20 check that out. We get all sorts of cool stuff like highlighting the fact that
0:24 we're in a Git repo and then we're on branch ref for the moment.
0:28 But if I want to work with python stuff with this project,
0:31 I need to make sure we activate this and now maybe I'm in the right location
0:38 I got the right python activated and so on that was a few steps we
0:45 can avoid those steps incredibly easy with one of the PyCharm Windows down here terminal
0:49 So we go down here,
0:51 we automatically end up in the same location which is the top level of our project
0:56 We get the virtual environment activated.
0:59 Let's see which python three. It's the exact one we want out of that virtual
1:05 environment. We 'pip' list, we see all the things that are listed there and
1:10 we even have our recent history just like you would have throughout your entire operating system
1:14 So what were the last couple of pip commands,
1:17 I ran pip list pip installed. Trust me pip install 'colorama'.
1:21 What if we wanted to do an upgrade.
1:23 Oh yeah, this is the kind of warning.
1:25 We could fix that warning by running this and this is the full shell.
1:29 Like you can ssh or you can tell that or you can do all kinds of
1:33 things, basically anything you need to do in the terminal,
1:35 or almost anything you need to do.
1:37 You can do down here. So this is a really good way to do anything
1:41 on the command line or terminal that happens to do with our code or project,
1:46 the python environment, the packages and so on.