Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: Get the back story

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0:01 So you've spent quite a while with PyCharm to get this far in the course,
0:05 and you might be interested in a little bit of the backstory,
0:08 where did it come from, who were the people behind creating PyCharm.
0:12 I want to highlight an episode of the Talk Python To Me podcast
0:16 that I recorded with Dmitry Trofimov.
0:19 So Dmitry is one of the core developers on the PyCharm team,
0:23 and back in November 11, 2015, so a little bit ago, but still relevant,
0:29 I interviewed him about PyCharm, his work there
0:33 and the internal workings of PyCharm,
0:36 there is actually a ton of interesting stuff here,
0:38 so if you feel like spending an hour
0:40 with me and Dmitry just chatting about PyCharm,
0:43 well, head over to and check it out.