Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: How to remember all these features

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0:01 Remember at the beginning we talked about how to learn the features of an IDE.
0:05 And if you see a picture, if you open your screen and you see this here
0:10 you may think, oh amazing, look at all what this does
0:12 or you may be like oh my gosh, I just want to edit some code,
0:15 how do I work with all this stuff.
0:18 So you really need to learn the features of the IDE
0:20 to make every one of these things be a benefit
0:23 and not just a distraction at best.
0:25 So let's review the technique that I talked about.
0:28 Now, when I introduced it, it was maybe abstract
0:32 but we've seen so many features that you probably want to use,
0:35 how are you going to remember them?
0:38 Well, remember I said you should first discover what those features are,
0:41 and that to a large degree is what the purpose of this course is,
0:46 it takes you through all the features, it shows them in action
0:49 it shows you the true benefit and the particular times to employ those.
0:54 We kind of solved the discover problem,
0:57 obviously there's more to discover, but you've got a bunch of that
1:00 now you need to remember them, which is tricky,
1:03 and you need to practice them.
1:05 So I had this plan for how you could do that.
1:07 There's the cheat sheet that you download from the beginning of the course,
1:12 then you can install presentation assistant,
1:16 which I hope you did, that's one of the plugins
1:19 and that will tell you every time you work with a menu item
1:21 or you do something it will tell you what the name of the feature is
1:24 it will tell you what is the hotkey is,
1:27 which I think is really important to learn the hotkeys of everything,
1:30 and then get yourself a set of sticky notes
1:32 or a piece of paper cut up into small pieces,
1:35 write down the things that you're like I really like this from this course
1:39 and I want to make sure I make it part of my daily routine,
1:41 and put one of those sticky notes on your monitor
1:45 and try to make use of that every time it makes sense,
1:48 maybe one of them is refactor to a method or refactor this,
1:51 maybe one of these is just to use conditional break points or something like that,
1:57 you could write down 50 of these things
2:00 and put one on your monitor until you've used it enough
2:03 you feel like yeah, that's totally going to stick.
2:05 So these three things I think can really help,
2:07 hopefully this course has helped as well.
2:10 Do make a concerted effort to find all the features you care about
2:15 and find a way to make them part of your daily routine,
2:17 at first it might seem overwhelming,
2:19 there will be a bunch of things you have to learn,
2:21 but in the end, you'll really have many more super powers,
2:25 I described this at the beginning of this section,
2:28 you'll have these powers and ways to work with your code
2:32 that maybe you didn't have before.