Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Extending PyCharm with plugins
Lecture: A 1,000 extra plugins

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0:01 You've seen the builtin plugins,
0:03 let's go look at what we have for the external ones.
0:06 So when you get to this list, this is really the the builtin ones plus the external ones,
0:09 you come over here and see if there is some Jetbrains ones
0:13 that maybe weren't there, like for example Handlebars and Mustache,
0:16 these are ones made by Jetbrains or at least collaborated on by Jetbrains,
0:22 but not necessarily shipping,
0:26 whereas like this one, there's no install button, it's builtin.
0:30 So that's cool, but the real good stuff is over here in just browse everything,
0:35 so suppose we want better support for git ignores,
0:39 so here is your git ignore, your Mercurial ignore, all that
0:43 so we could install that and what do you get,
0:45 you get things like syntax highlighting for ignore files,
0:48 template and hide them in project views, all sorts of cool stuff,
0:53 so we could install that, if we want.
0:56 What else do we have that's in here that's pretty interesting,
0:59 so there's just so many, I did sort of a rough counting by scrolling a little bit,
1:05 look at how many things were on a page,
1:07 how many pages I could guess out of the scrollbar,
1:09 I guess there are about 1600 plugins here.
1:13 So let's start with one that you've seen throughout the course,
1:15 it's presentation assistant,
1:18 this is really awesome when you're doing a presentation
1:20 recorded like the one I'm doing or at a meetup or something,
1:23 so whenever you do an action, as you know
1:27 you've seen the little green stuff popping up down here over and over,
1:30 and that's what does it, this presentation assistant thing, so that's pretty cool.
1:35 I also find like I said, it's good for helping me learn what the keystrokes are
1:40 if I click a toolbar button all that's what the name of the command is,
1:43 the keystroke is such and such, so that's pretty cool.
1:46 If you want to add additional languages, there's things like Rust,
1:50 Rust is pretty awesome new language from Mozilla,
1:54 so here is support for Rust as a separate language;
1:58 we could have Dart, from google, here it's built by Jetbrains,
2:04 the support for it and things like that, so all sorts of additional languages
2:10 we can find if we just search for languages as a category
2:14 so I got a bunch of different categories here.
2:17 So what else do we have that we could work with, Apache Configs,
2:19 a lot of this is sort of file structure,
2:21 so bash files if you're going to work with you sh files or something like that.
2:27 Coocoo, I've never even heard of the Coocoo language
2:30 but I'm sure it's amazing, there is D support and so on.
2:35 Okay, so if there's a language that you use that is not supported
2:39 there's a reasonable chance that it's here.
2:42 Another thing that you very well might want to look for is Javascript stuff
2:47 and how will that show up here— let's just look in everything.
2:52 We already saw there's AngularJS, but we could add like little live templates
2:58 some other things you go check out the home page,
3:01 see what is cool about this, apparently this is collaborated with Jetbrains,
3:05 this must be the one that's builtin because I can't install it.
3:08 I'm a big fan of a VueJS, and that's already installed,
3:14 so VueJS I think is a nice simple frontend framework
3:17 for some reason in this brand new version of PyCharm this stopped working,
3:24 it worked in 2017.2.5 and then it went to 2017.3, it's not working,
3:34 probably by the time you watch this video it's back to working,
3:36 which is pretty awesome.
3:39 We're going to do with TypeScript, there's some more generator stuff,
3:42 so if you want to work with these Javascript frontends,
3:46 Ionic, oh yeah Phone Gap, Cordova plugin, pretty sweet, it has Ionic support.
3:53 If you're working on a project
3:55 and your tooling PyCharm doesn't have support for it
3:58 or WebStorm if you're using that,
4:00 go over here and check these out, because there are a lot of good options.
4:04 Another one to think about is, I know a lot of people like Vim mode,
4:07 so you can come over here and enable the Vim key bindings
4:11 and various other Vim behaviors,
4:13 one that is pretty cool if you're going to do a lot of,
4:17 obviously, you're going to do string manipulation,
4:20 so this one is cool, because it lets you convert
4:23 say from Javascript style to Python style,
4:29 or to constants, you can get screaming snake case, versus snake case,
4:37 maybe you have a variable, you want to make it a constant,
4:39 so you would convert it from this to this, something like that,
4:42 so a lot of string manipulation options here,
4:46 so this is a pretty sweet one.
4:48 Here is what you've got to do,
4:50 when you start working on a project,
4:52 or you're feeling sort of you need a break and you just want to look around,
4:55 come, click browse repositories, put your cursor up there
4:57 and just type around and look what's up here,
5:00 there is really a bunch of cool stuff to add.