Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Extending PyCharm with plugins
Lecture: The builtin plugins

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0:01 Let's go and have a look at these plugins.
0:03 You can hit command comma on basically any Mac app to get to the settings
0:06 or you just go PyCharm preferences
0:09 I think it's called settings in Linux for or reason.
0:11 Anyway, go over here to the plugins section
0:14 and notice there's a bunch of cool stuff already installed
0:17 and I have only installed one or two additional things.
0:21 First of all, notice I have disabled things that I don't care about,
0:25 I never will do cvs again, for a long time
0:29 back in the mid 1990's I guess I used use cvs
0:33 but I have no intention to using that again.
0:35 Gherkin, no, GNU text, no, Haml, no,
0:39 so I went and I turned some of these off,
0:41 I think that makes PyCharm start a little bit quicker,
0:43 I don't really know but it seems like if I know I'm never going to use them,
0:47 I might as well turn them off. So let's look at some things that are here.
0:51 Now, one of the questions you might ask is
0:53 is this a built in thing that came with PyCharm,
0:56 or is this some kind of third party thing.
0:58 So over here, notice how there's not much information or hyperlinks
1:02 that means this probably just came with PyCharm when you installed it.
1:06 Similarly, CoffeeScript, there's no like
1:09 this is run by Joe and here's his getup repo, these are all builtin things, right,
1:13 so let me try to find something l've added that wasn't builtin.
1:17 NodeJS, but you can see the vendor was Jetbrains, so it wasn't builtin
1:21 but it was built by Jetbrains really for WebStorm and I added that.
1:25 Nginx is a thing I added so this looks pretty active over here
1:29 and you can see this is actually done by Max,
1:32 thank you Max I'm really glad that you built this.
1:35 So we'll talk about this one in a bit.
1:37 So that's pretty much your clue on is this a builtin thing or is it external, right,
1:41 if it's here, it doesn't have an uninstall button and it has no like external repo,
1:46 here this one I can uninstall, not just disable, and it has a repo.
1:50 Okay, let's see what else is builtin that we might want to talk about,
1:54 so you've got the profiler stuff,
1:57 you've got Docker, you've got a nice rest client,
2:00 we haven't really talked about that in this course, but it's pretty cool,
2:05 Vagrant and so on, Yaml, a lot of really cool support
2:08 but like I said, I actually turned these off like so I have no Saas,
2:12 unlike Less, so we'll go with that, and maybe if I need it, I will turn it back on.