Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Extending PyCharm with plugins
Lecture: Introduction to plugins

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0:01 It's time to focus on the plugins and there are so many things
0:05 that we can add to by PyCharm to make it do awesome stuff,
0:08 maybe you wanted to support Vim key bindings and it doesn't,
0:12 well just go to the plugins and add them,
0:14 you want to work with NodeJS, we saw that was a plugin,
0:16 you can do that, or ElectronJS, all sorts of stuff,
0:19 and we'll see there are a bunch,
0:21 we'll survey some of the ones I think are notable
0:23 and look and explore how you might add third party or external ones.
0:29 Plugins are things we can add to PyCharm,
0:32 over here in the settings slash or angle bracket whatever plugins
0:36 and there's a bunch of them built in and you need to be a little careful here
0:40 because the ones that come with PyCharm,
0:42 these are the ones that basically support the features of PyCharm,
0:46 so for example, we have cvs integration,
0:49 maybe you don't care about that but right above it, css
0:52 you might care about css support and if you uncheck it,
0:55 you won't be able to get any help with css files anymore.
0:58 So be a little careful in that much of this stuff
1:01 is actually the functionality of PyCharm itself,
1:04 but then you'll see we can turn them on and off
1:07 and we can also add new ones and maybe the most exciting thing there is
1:11 that we could just go get a ton of other cool things
1:13 that were not built in and bring them in.
1:16 So let's go do some playing around with these.