Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: The run window

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0:01 The next assorted tool we've been using a lot actually,
0:03 it's kind of unavoidable to get much done, and that's the run window.
0:06 So down here we have the title run window
0:08 and if you have a run configuration you can just run it and it pops up,
0:11 so not too much to say about the run window.
0:14 You can do input into it, like this is input
0:17 and it has nice green coloring to indicate, you know what that is
0:21 we go down here put a 1 to choose Thai food,
0:24 then we want a book the number 3,
0:27 great, you've already booked it and here is our book and reservation.
0:30 So we've seen that, that's pretty cool
0:31 there's things like line wrap, scroll the end right,
0:35 so you can tag this and pin it down
0:37 so it will keep scrolling to the end, things like this.
0:41 That didn't really love that, did it,
0:42 but it did scroll along with it that's great.
0:44 But, of course, really central, the way you run stuff down here
0:47 is click this button and of course, you can rerun it over here,
0:51 you can even pause the output, I don't think that stops the application
0:54 but maybe pauses the stuff from shooting by,
0:57 so you can go check it out and this will fully stop the program,
1:00 just like a CTRL C basically.