Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Data science tools
Lecture: Introduction to the data science tools

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0:01 Our next topic is the scientific tooling
0:05 and special features of PyCharm around the data science tools,
0:09 so if you're working with things like NumPy, Pandas,
0:13 machine learning, Jupyter notebooks,
0:16 all of those things fall well in the realm of what we're talking about now,
0:20 and you'll see that PyCharm has special support and debugging tools
0:24 for these types of libraries.
0:27 So the first thing you're going to notice
0:30 when you start working with PyCharm doing data sciency things
0:34 is some of the packages that are well known to be used in data science contexts
0:39 like NumPy for example, PyCharm sees you importing one of these,
0:44 it'll automatically say hey it looks like you're doing something data sciency,
0:47 do you want to turn on scientific mode,
0:50 and that will flip open into a new mode, so let's go explore that now.