Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Unit testing
Lecture: The application to test

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0:01 We have a new chapter, a new folder, unit testing
0:04 so down here we have this application called program
0:07 and let's go quickly create a run configuration for it,
0:12 and it's got to have a name, something better than just program
0:17 so let's call it program testing,
0:21 so down here if we run this program testing
0:24 you'll see that it asks you for your dinner reservation,
0:26 think like super simple open table type thing,
0:30 so it says what kind of dinner are you in the mood for,
0:32 I'm open for Thai right now,
0:34 all right there's two seats at Thai Roses and one at Siam Thai
0:37 let's take the one at Siam Thai.
0:40 So great, it's booked, now we can ask again
0:43 what else is available, oh there's just these two
0:46 and if we keep booking them, you'll see eventually
0:48 if we go and say what's there for Thai,
0:52 oops, no tables for that food type, try another,
0:55 so we've sort of booked out of Thai and we go Seaburgers,
0:59 we got Skyline and Little Big Burger, and things like that;
1:02 our goal is to take this application and put some unit tests in place
1:05 in reality you probably should have built them up together
1:08 but just for the sake of keeping things short during this class
1:11 I don't want you to have to watch me write this whole little app and its core functionality
1:15 in fact, we're pretty much going to just test the behaviors around here
1:19 this sort of simulates the database but it's not really,
1:23 ok so that's the app we're going to test
1:26 and we're going to do this with PyTest and PyCharm.