Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Unit testing
Lecture: Introduction to unit testing

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0:02 Unit testing and testing in general
0:06 certainly weren't the pillars of software development
0:08 and often distinguishes amateur from professional developers,
0:12 so we're going to see that PyCharm has some really fabulous
0:16 and deep integration with unit testing and related functionality,
0:21 things like code coverage and whatnot.
0:23 Now before we get started, I want to lead off with two quick thoughts
0:27 one from Steve McConnell who wrote Code Complete,
0:30 "The problem with quick and dirty is
0:33 that the dirty remains long after the quick has been forgotten,"
0:37 and an anonymous quote similar to this,
0:39 "The bitterness of poor quality remains
0:41 long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule that has been forgotten."
0:45 So testing is all about building reliable code, making sure it meets the spec,
0:50 it helps us know when we're done and don't over design it
0:53 and it helps us provide meaning and import to the continuous integration build,
1:00 honestly in Python what does it really mean for your code to build anyway
1:04 not very much, so in order to really test Python
1:09 or any other dynamic language you really need to exercise it,
1:12 and the way you exercise Python in an automated build is through unit test
1:18 so testing is important and we're going to see how PyCharm can do that for us.