Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Client-side web apps
Lecture: Your turn: Web apps

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0:01 Python is a premier language for building web applications.
0:06 Many of the best web apps in the world are written in Python
0:10 and of course, PyCharm is really amazing in all the ways
0:15 it brings the various web technologies,
0:17 which can feel quite scattered and random and disconnected,
0:20 how it brings it all together seamlessly.
0:23 In this turn, in this exercise, you're going to get out
0:28 and create a web application that is sort of fake data driven
0:31 and play around with the HTML, the server side bits and so on.
0:35 We're not going to do too much with things like TypeScript or Angular JS
0:38 because it's not a Javascript class,
0:41 but you saw that all those features are there as well.
0:44 It's over on github 6-web-applications over here,
0:52 just go to your turn here and make sure that you pick the web applications.
0:57 Come down here and you'll see that we're going to create
1:00 a basic, Pyramid based web app,
1:02 you can create whatever one you want, but in this example we're going to use Pyramid.
1:05 We're going to implement a view method
1:07 we're going to take some data from that view,
1:09 pass it to a template, render the template
1:11 and change the overall look and feel of the site.
1:14 So there's some steps that guide you through this
1:16 some pictures how it's supposed to look, so initially, it looks like this,
1:19 because this is what a blank Pyramid starter project looks like,
1:22 we're going to create some data here that we can get
1:26 and we'll call it because it's not a real database
1:30 but it's kind of a stand in for a data access layer.
1:33 And we're going to define a view method that returns this data
1:35 and then finally down here at the end,
1:38 we're going to set it up so that it renders these items into our application.
1:44 We are also going to change the overall look and feel of the site
1:47 by adding a little @talkpython, whatever social media you want down there
1:51 that's going to be applied across the entire site, not just this one page.
1:55 So follow the steps and have fun playing with web apps and PyCharm.