Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Client-side web apps
Lecture: Electron JS introduction

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0:00 The final thing I want to cover while we're talking about client side Javascript
0:03 just to sort of show how far you can push this is Electron JS.
0:07 So I'm not sure if you are familiar with Electron JS,
0:09 it's pretty awesome, it basically takes Node and Chrome
0:13 and packages that up into a self-contained executable
0:17 that looks like a native application on Mac OS and Windows.
0:21 So you probably have interacted with Electron JS apps,
0:25 so Electron JS actually came from Atom, from github,
0:30 but we already saw that we were playing with Visual Studio code earlier
0:34 and just to paste out some information, and this is an Electron JS app
0:41 it looks just like standard Mac OS app here,
0:45 and it looks like a Windows app over there.
0:47 Another one is Postman, great for APIs.
0:49 So over here we could hit the RSS feed for Talk Python,
0:53 what do we get— wait for it to download
0:56 here you can see that's the RSS feed, right.
1:00 So these are all Electron JS apps,
1:03 so let's see how we might use this in PyCharm.