Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Client-side web apps
Lecture: Introduction to client-side apps

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0:01 We've seen the server side features of PyCharm's capabilities
0:05 with regard to Python based web frameworks.
0:09 But, as you likely know, web applications are not just server side things
0:13 there is Javascript, there's HTML, there's CSS
0:16 and there's all the things surrounding that
0:19 and spun off from that Javascript front end frameworks,
0:22 things like Vue JS, Angular JS, that have their own syntax
0:27 and would really benefit from having understanding within the editor,
0:30 as well as things like LESS, SASS, TypeScript and whatnot
0:35 that needs sort of precompiled to actually get ready to use in your web app.
0:40 So we are going to look at that side of the story for PyCharm right now.
0:43 So we're going to see about creating projects, just like we had in Python,
0:49 these code intentions, these little code helper fixes.
0:53 We have the same thing in Javascript
0:57 for taking code that might not be ideal
0:59 and transforming it into something better.
1:01 We'll talk about support for popular frameworks,
1:04 like Angular JS and Vue JS and so on,
1:06 TypeScript, LESS and SASS, even Node JS and on top of that,
1:12 ElectronJS which is pretty sweet as well,
1:14 that's not obvious how to get those last two,
1:17 so we'll see how to do that in the course.