Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Server-side Python web apps
Lecture: Static files

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0:02 Now let's look at static files here.
0:05 Notice there's a static file section and this is a Pyramid convention
0:09 but what I'm going to show you with static files
0:11 has to do with basically all the web frameworks.
0:14 The first thing is if you look over here
0:18 we are using bootstrap, but we're using it off the cdn.
0:24 And I would kind of like to use a local version
0:27 so let's go over here and copy this path so we can get to it very easily,
0:34 cd there, and now we have this, let's make some directories,
0:39 let's have one for css, one for Javascript
0:43 and we'd put things in there, I guess we'd have one for images,
0:47 just I'd prefer to put things together like this.
0:50 Now, the other thing I want to do is
0:52 let's use npm to install bootstrap locally,
0:55 so npm install bootstrap.
0:59 Okay, now if we look we have our node modules,
1:04 there's bootstrap, there's the distribution, there's this let's say copy.
1:09 Now, if we say copy relative path, that almost works for us
1:13 let's go over here and paste it, see what we get.
1:18 Notice it takes a little more than we wanted but that's pretty good.
1:21 So there's our local file and we do get
1:23 really cool things around, intellisense related to css,
1:26 so if I have say a hyperlink, and we'll just put # for now
1:30 this hyperlink represents like some kind of button looking thing
1:33 so I can have a class and the class could be btn
1:36 notice all that stuff comes from our bootstrap
1:40 so I could say btn and btn- primary
1:43 so we get all this great intellisense or autocomplete there
1:48 and we could also have, let's go and add a new style sheet
1:52 this will be ours, and we'll just have buttons-list
2:00 and we'll have that as a class.
2:03 We'll just have, background is green,
2:06 I have no idea what we are going to do with this.
2:08 But if we go over here now, have back in our template
2:13 we also have buttons list.
2:17 So we have really awesome support for css, but one problem here,
2:23 also by the way, notice we had great Intellisense inside our css file as well
2:27 but one other problem, notice this,
2:29 if I hover here, it says cannot resolve directory static,
2:32 and if I go over here and I type /static I get zero help node modules,
2:38 like if I didn't copy that I would never have gotten that right
2:41 without just traversing the tree on the left.
2:45 So we go to the top of the website and we mark it at a resource route here
2:50 and that tells PyCharm when you're looking for static files
2:55 this is kind of forward slash and then there's static and so on,
3:00 and this is the way our web app maps, so this is perfect
3:02 so we say /static/node when we actually want to load this up.
3:06 So now, notice first of all, the error is gone
3:08 and we should be able to recreate this super easy now
3:11 /static/node_modules/bootstrap, what's in bootstrap
3:17 is there a dist, there is, /dist/css/bootstrap.min.css, how about that
3:24 and let's just make sure everything looks good still.
3:27 Boom! This is all bootstrap,
3:31 like this little style here for the block quote with a bar
3:36 that's bootstrap, so it is still completely working, how cool is that.