Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Source control
Lecture: Your turn: Source control

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0:02 Source control in PyCharm is really comprehensive
0:05 and for git that can mean it's kind of overwhelming
0:07 the first time you see it I suspect
0:10 unless you're really experienced with git.
0:12 So here's your chance to explore in a hands-on way how to work with git
0:16 and other features around source control from within PyCharm.
0:21 So over here on GitHub under your turn 3 source control
0:26 we have basically two things that you're going to do
0:28 one, you're going to use git source control from within PyCharm.
0:31 You're also going to use local history.
0:34 So local history as we saw lets you work basically in your own file system
0:39 as if you had a little bit of source control
0:41 obviously, it's not shared even for you across machines.
0:45 So the first thing that we're going to do is actually build a game
0:49 that we can call hilo or guess that number game or something.
0:51 And so it's going to do something like this.
0:53 Hey guess a number between 1 and 100.
0:56 50, it's too low, 75 too high and you kind of use the binary search here
1:00 and narrow in on looks like it was 66 this time.
1:03 You're supposed to write this game,
1:05 create a project that gives you some steps on how to do it
1:08 and create this game, use the random module
1:12 to basically come up with random numbers.
1:15 If you really need some help, over in the Jumpstart course under apps 02
1:20 and here there's steps under you try and there's a final one,
1:23 which basically is this working code,
1:25 but I thought it might be fun for you to write really simple game here
1:28 and then check it into source control.
1:30 Okay, so this talks about how you put this into github up at the beginning
1:35 we start out with some code from github here, things like that
1:40 or how you just simply create a local git repository.
1:43 You actually don't check in anywhere,
1:45 but it would work effectively the same you just can't push.
1:48 So you play around, write that code
1:50 and you play around with source control here according to steps
1:53 and then later on, you get to play with the local history
1:56 which may or may not have some of the same saves
1:58 as you had in your source control,
2:01 but it'll probably have more depending on how you worked with the code.
2:05 All right, so get out there and try that source control.