Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Your turn: Editor

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0:01 You've seen what the editor can do.
0:03 Now, it's your turn to play with the editor
0:05 and try some of the more advanced features that we covered.
0:09 This is not going to cover everything,
0:11 but it's going to give you a few examples
0:13 of what I think are some of the major and most important
0:15 and most helpful features in the PyCharm editor.
0:19 So let's jump over to github and have a look.
0:22 So here in your turn 2 the editor,
0:25 we have some steps that you can follow along
0:27 and I encourage you to play with other aspects of the editor
0:31 as well open projects that you might have worked on
0:34 with other editors and so on.
0:36 But, if you follow these steps you will see some of the cool features in action.
0:39 Now, notice over here we have a project folder called bad wizard,
0:43 so you're going to start working with this bad wizard code right away
0:46 and first step is to go and open this up
0:48 so you've got to make sure you clone this repository so you have it,
0:52 and then, we're going to play with autocomplete a little bit,
0:55 so over here you have this hero, you can say hero.
0:57 I'll show you a bunch of options,
0:59 one of the things it doesn't have is a wake up method
1:01 so you're going to use the code intentions
1:03 and automatic code generation tooling
1:06 to generate this wake up method here.
1:08 We're also going to clean up the code according to pep 8,
1:11 remove some of the unused imports and document some of our functions.
1:15 So follow along here and you'll have a good understanding
1:19 of some of the cooler features
1:21 especially the code intentions and code formatting.