Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Lens mode

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0:01 When you're working with large Python files,
0:03 sometimes it's nice to peek ahead and see what's out there,
0:06 what's at a certain level, maybe there's little error
0:09 and you are like, wow what is down there
0:11 what is that little squiggly in the scroll bar giving you a warning about.
0:14 So PyCharm has this thing called lens mode
0:17 and if you put the cursor right there, just near the scroll bar there
0:24 and you go up and down slowly,
0:26 it'll actually pop up this little lens further down in the file
0:30 so notice, look at the line numbers, it goes 3, 4, 5, up to 24,
0:33 and then straight to 70,
0:36 and that's because that lens mode also has the line numbers in it
0:39 and that's looking like a couple of screens down
0:43 like pretty much if you scrolled the scroll bar to where the yellow arrow is.
0:48 So be sure to make use of that if you're trying to like survey a large file
0:52 and you are like what is this stuff down here
0:54 and you don't want to lose your place,
0:56 you just kind of want to peek around— lens mode.