Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Discovering new features

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0:01 Let's talk about discovering features for a second
0:03 or discovering how to run a particular feature.
0:05 So I'm going to show you the operating system level way
0:10 which only works on Mac,
0:12 and then I am going to show you the way that's built into PyCharm
0:14 that just works on any version of PyCharm, so all the platforms.
0:18 One of the things that's great about Mac OS,
0:21 I've done ton of Windows and Linux as well and I like them both,
0:26 but this feature is really fantastic,
0:28 so you come up here into the help and you say
0:31 I want to know how to— notice that this has little format error,
0:35 this has a squiggly because of that space,
0:37 we should, noticing these pep 8 violations,
0:42 these formatting violations here as well
0:44 and what we should do is format that code.
0:46 But maybe I forgot how to do it like I don't know,
0:49 somewhere maybe under code I don't know.
0:52 So, that doesn't matter, you can just quickly come up here and type format,
0:55 reformat rather, that doesn't search sub strings,
0:58 and it shows you hey right here is what you do
1:01 and actually CMD ALT L with my current key bindings is a way to do it.
1:05 What if I want to know how to run, go over here and say run,
1:09 there's a couple of options, this will just like randomly run stuff,
1:12 this will run the program like the one you just saw.
1:15 So, those are really cool ways inside a Mac OS,
1:20 really for any reasonable application,
1:23 I don't know how to save things— here is how I save things
1:25 I want to go into power saving mode etc,
1:28 but PyCharm itself has a way to do that as well,
1:31 I can say CMD shift A or on the other platforms CTRL shift A I believe,
1:36 you can come over here and you type things like reformat code
1:39 and it will tell you it's under code formatting,
1:42 actually, if I just hit enter, boom, all those problems go away, beautiful.
1:46 What if I want to know how to run— I'll just run debug, there goes my code again;
1:51 what if I want to take this and make it into a function,
1:55 I could say I want to refactor this and I could turn into a method
2:03 and it will tell me how to do that.
2:06 We'll talk more about refactoring later, it's awesome
2:08 but anything you want to do, CTRL shift A
2:10 or CMD shift A, and a little bit of typing is all you need.