Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Navigating within a project

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0:03 So we've got our project open and we have it running,
0:05 we've configured our sources route all these things
0:07 and it's pretty much ready to go—
0:09 but this may be is a new project to us,
0:11 we don't really know where all the pieces are and how they fit together
0:14 so let's look at some of the navigational elements within the editor.
0:18 So we've seen that we can use our search everywhere
0:21 and I could find things like run,
0:24 you can see there's a run method in a couple of locations here,
0:27 for example this run method, and there was a bunch of those,
0:32 so what if I just want to go to this one, I want to see what that does.
0:34 If you hold down command on Mac or control on Windows or Linux,
0:39 everything here becomes a hotlink
0:42 so these are all things that you can go and just jump to
0:44 so I can go to print_header and just click on it and it takes us right there.
0:48 Notice, that would be the navigate to declaration
0:52 or even the command b it says
0:54 so this little printer header just shows us like silly snake concept,
0:59 so if we want to go to program command click again, there we are,
1:03 if we want to see what the show_commands is,
1:05 now we're kind of done with the mouse we hit command b
1:08 or it depends, there's a different function on Windows,
1:11 so here we'll go here and it says control b
1:13 but it really depends on the key mapping that you select when you get started.
1:16 But we can navigate around these and it's really cool,
1:19 we navigated within our class and within our little function here
1:23 so maybe we want to go back and we want to go to that print header again
1:26 and we're printing this out, and notice
1:30 we're actually printing this out white green white,
1:33 so we're printing like a green snake here
1:35 so if you want to know what that looks like
1:39 just really quickly say copy this path, I'll run it over here in the new window
1:44 oh yeah, we've got to have our virtual environment active
1:51 so I'll just run it and here, right click run
1:54 and you can see it's kind of this lime green
1:57 it's not a great green that comes out there
2:00 the little terminal down at the bottom, the colors are not always quite right
2:03 but that's ok, we can x it out
2:06 but you see we are getting this color here
2:08 so where does this color come from—
2:10 well it turns out at the top if you look, this is coming from Colorama
2:13 and let's actually go to this white and see what that is.
2:17 Look at that, so if we jump down here
2:20 we can see that this is an Ansi foreground color code
2:24 and those are what the codes actually are,
2:26 you want to know what defines light and black Ex
2:29 well that's whatever 90 is in the Ansi color codes.
2:33 Okay, so we can navigate to anything,
2:35 this is an external package that you saw PyCharm install as a dependency,
2:39 we can also come over here and just navigate straight to print,
2:42 there is the print definition granted, it's not super interesting
2:46 because it's actually written in C and is imported as part of C Python,
2:50 so not so much, but you can navigate into all the things up to the level of C
2:56 not down into the C runtime, but that's ok.
3:00 So one other navigational thing that we can do
3:04 is maybe we want to know where this is called
3:07 so we could navigate from it, by command b when we have the cursor on it
3:12 or command clicking it, right click navigate to
3:15 we can also go in the reverse,
3:18 so I can come over here and say find the usages of this
3:21 and it says oh well, this is used in these various locations down here
3:25 it turns out this one is just used one time if you double click, it says right here.
3:30 Not super interesting in this program,
3:34 but it does show us where it's used and if it was used 20 times
3:37 we would be able to explore throughout the whole program
3:40 so you can see, we have our little basically turn your program
3:43 into a set of hyperlinks to navigate through everything
3:46 by holding command or just straight navigation through the hotkeys, it's amazing.