Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Concept: Search everywhere

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0:01 We saw you can search everywhere,
0:03 just by double clicking shift or double typing shift quickly,
0:06 I found too quickly doesn't work, too slowly doesn't work,
0:10 you'll figure out what the right speed for you is there,
0:12 but basically double press shift and you'll get this dialogue
0:15 which comes up at first if you type nothing with just your recent files
0:20 which is as you saw, way cooler than maybe just a recent file
0:24 it takes you exactly back to the way
0:27 you were working on it which is super cool,
0:29 but you're probably actually looking for something
0:31 I do navigate the recent files quite a bit with that double shift
0:34 but you're probably looking for something
0:37 so you type like load if we're looking for that
0:39 and you can see all the different places that load appears
0:42 and if you double check the include non project items
0:45 if you just check that with check box,
0:47 you can see down into the symbols
0:49 it's pulling things from like Json and Pickle and Marshall
0:51 all the built-ins in Python, so it can look not just inside
0:58 say your source files, but actually the packages and the standard library
1:02 that you're using in your version of Python.
1:05 So that will actually let you navigate
1:07 to the internals of the libraries you depend upon, which is great
1:10 and if you don't like the double shift thing,
1:13 just click that icon and you'll get the same thing.