Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Project introduction

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0:01 Now that we've talked about by PyCharm a little bit
0:04 and why you want it, things like that, and you've got it all set up,
0:07 it's time to start using PyCharm to do some really cool stuff.
0:10 We're going to start by focusing on projects.
0:13 We're going to cover many things as you saw in this course,
0:16 but one of the central ones is this concept of a project,
0:20 loading a set of files, piecing them together, working with the relationships,
0:25 doing things like navigating from one file
0:28 via definition of a method call say into another,
0:31 or setting up the project structure so that if I'm running a web application
0:37 it will give me say auto completion for the static files
0:41 even if the static files are not really the root of the project folder
0:45 but root of the web, the conceptual web app, things like that.
0:50 So we're going to focus on the really important parts of the project
0:54 which mostly means how do we put a bunch of files together
0:57 and navigate them and run them.