Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup
Lecture: Windows setup

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0:02 Are you using Windows for this course?
0:06 Well, let's get you set up so you're ready to follow along and do all the exercises.
0:11 The first thing you're going to need to do
0:13 is make sure that you have Python installed.
0:16 Now, Windows doesn't come with Python,
0:19 if you're taking this course, it's about Python, you may already have it,
0:22 but if you don't, you absolutely have to download it,
0:25 and this course is based on Python 3,
0:27 so make sure you have Python 3 installed as well.
0:32 You might have Python 2, but that's probably not good enough,
0:35 I'm sure it's not good enough.
0:37 So you can check, come over here in your command prompt
0:39 and you can type something like python-V
0:43 or you can ask where Python, that also might give you a hint,
0:47 okay, so that's Python 3.6
0:50 and then somewhere below that, we have Python 3.5,
0:54 so apparently I have those two versions of Python on my system,
0:57 I haven't installed Python 2.7.
1:00 So you want to make sure that you have Python and that it's at least 3.5 let's say,
1:04 I don't think it needs to be higher than 3.5 for anything we do in this course,
1:08 but you know, if you don't have 3.6, go and install it,
1:11 you notice that this is a slightly bit out of date,
1:14 maybe I'll install the update after this as well, there is as we saw right here 3.6.4.
1:19 So that's Python, how about PyCharm?
1:21 Well, in order to get PyCharm,
1:25 we can just go to and download it
1:28 and that's the most obvious thing, but it might not be the best thing,
1:31 let's go through this path and just see real quick.
1:33 So we go to download and there's actually a choice of two types
1:37 you have to make sure you use the professional edition,
1:39 things like the web development tools, the database tools,
1:42 some various other things that we're going to be using,
1:45 they don't exist in the community edition,
1:47 so you can get the free trial for the pro version, whatever
1:51 but go and download that and when you do,
1:53 you'll see that it's just a standard msi installer,
1:58 just next, next, next, yes, next through it and you'll be all good,
2:02 I'm not going to do that, I already have it installed,
2:05 but also notice down here, it says get the Toolbox app to download updates
2:08 so the Toolbox app is pretty sweet and this is what I've started using
2:12 so what it is, is you can buy a subscription to many of the Jetbrains tools
2:16 and this Toolbox app will let you manage it,
2:19 I've already downloaded and installed it and it's right here.
2:21 So notice that I have a couple of things installed,
2:25 I have PyCharm professional and I have resharper for Visual Studio
2:29 also installed for the times I got to do some C sharp
2:32 so down here maybe I need to use DataGrip
2:34 or I want to go and use, we'll talk a lot about WebStorm in this course
2:39 maybe I want to install WebStorm, so I can just click install
2:42 and it will automatically install it, set it up to be registered to me, things like that.
2:46 So I actually really like this, you can even set it to auto update your app,
2:50 just in the background, so you always have the latest version.
2:53 If you want to get more than one of the Jetbrains tools,
2:56 I'd take it with the Toolbox, otherwise maybe just install it directly.
3:03 Do Python first, make sure you have Python 3,
3:05 run the installer for PyCharm, you will be ready to go
3:07 there's nothing else in this course that you need in order to take it,
3:11 just Python 3 and PyCharm.