Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: This is not an infomercial

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0:01 Now, before we get into the "meat" of the content of this course,
0:04 I just want to point something out there real quick, about my motivations —
0:07 this is not an infomercial or any form of paid content,
0:10 I mean, I love Billy Mays as much as the next guy, but that's not what this is.
0:13 I just really think that PyCharm is the best editor right now,
0:18 for Python developers, for writing Python code,
0:21 and I want to make sure that everyone out there who wants to be
0:25 is as successful with it as they possibly can be.
0:28 There wasn't a great course like this,
0:30 so I decided I am making one for you guys.
0:33 Maybe in the end I will do some sort promotional thing with JetBrains
0:36 to help spread the word, but this, it was just me on my own creating this
0:40 because I think this is an awesome editor
0:42 and I want to help you guys be successful with it.
0:45 Now, let's get on to the main bit of this course.