Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: PyCharm is open source

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0:01 Now the Community edition of PyCharm is 100% open source
0:04 so over here at the JetBrains organization in github
0:07 you can see IntelliJ-community/tree/master/python
0:11 they have all the stuff up here, all the community editions,
0:14 but down here, this is PyCharm, this is community edition of PyCharm,
0:18 so if for some reason if it being open source
0:22 is something that you really care about,
0:24 and you really want to make sure this is like a feature or the editor you are using
0:28 for the most part that's the case here, right,
0:30 so we've got this and even has instructions on how to check it out
0:34 and build and run it things like that,
0:36 I've never tried, I have no interest in building this thing,
0:38 maybe I'd build a plugin but I wouldn't build the whole thing from scratch,
0:41 but nonetheless, here it is, in case you want to check it out.