Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: Versions: Pro and community

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0:01 If we go over to the PyCharm website and we hit download
0:03 you'll see there's a choice presented to us straight away—
0:06 do you want the Professional version which you have to pay for
0:09 or do you want the 100% free and open source Community edition?
0:12 Well, we probably want the Community edition,
0:16 but maybe there's stuff in the Professional we might want, how do we know?
0:20 It turns out, some of the things we cover in this course
0:22 only exist in the Professional, for example,
0:25 that stuff about WebStorm and DataGroup that's in the Professional,
0:30 but if we go over to this page here,
0:34 to
0:40 just google it, it'll come up,
0:43 you can see it actually shows you what is in each,
0:46 so this column is the free one, the Community one, this one is the paid one.
0:49 So free actually has a ton of stuff, it has all that cool editors
0:53 with the little fixer stuff I talked about, refactoring,
0:56 that's the code inspection, source control, scientific tools,
0:59 the debugger, all that is great,
1:01 but here's the WebStorm right, and the WebStorm stuff,
1:04 the web development, the various Python frameworks,
1:07 now you can technically make Flask or Pyramid or Django
1:10 work and run inside of there and you can edit in the Community edition,
1:15 you can edit the Python files, but you can't edit all the templates and stuff
1:19 and it's not quite the same experience.
1:23 The Pro version is really what you need to do web development.
1:26 They also have things like remote debugging capabilities,
1:29 the DataGrip stuff, here are the DataGrip stuff that I talked about
1:33 and of course, here are all the various frameworks
1:36 that are supported only in the Pro edition,
1:39 notice cool things like Cython, SQLAlchemy diagrams, or Docker,
1:42 there is Docker over the top, and of course the web stuff over here,
1:46 Javascript debugger, CSS, and REST clients and so on,
1:51 but they do have some basic editing, the source control integration free,
1:56 so you can decide whether it's useful for you to get the Pro version or not,
2:01 what we're going to use in this course is absolutely the Pro edition
2:05 and I would say probably about 30% of the features
2:09 we're going to talk about are only available in the Pro edition
2:12 and I'll try to remember to point those out as we go through them.